Oil and Gas Business: Can Technology be Counter Productive?


Oil and Gas Business: Can Technology be Counter Productive?

Oil and Gas Business: Can Technology be Counter Productive?


We are all striving to get to the optimum point of efficiency to boost results and reduce stress. We install more toolbars and apps than we could ever need in the hope of making our lives easier.

The problem then becomes we have so many programs to manage that we end up wasting time rather than saving time.

IT Can’t Manage Everything

Integrating great new software applications with a company’s existing infrastructure can be a daunting task.

Your company has a delicate technological backbone that allows your employees to continue their daily work without interruption. Each new addition can be stressful on the IT department.

The General Solution

What you require is a program that has everything you need to operate daily and easily integrates with your current system.

Generwell is not just a software solution, it’s the oil and gas replacement to manage your: wells, wells, pipelines, equipment, AFEs, and more.

Generwell has built-in reporting tools to help you easily manage all your operational information. To help visualize your information, Generwell’s new dashboards module provides a quick overview on all the key metrics underlying your reams of operational information.

And there’s more! Micotan’s experienced Implementation Specialists will work side by side with your IT department as well as your entire business to ensure implementation goes smoothly and stress free.

If you want to start being more efficient then get a free demo of Generwell by clicking here.