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News, events, new releases and information about Micotan Software. Micotan is a world-class provider of flexible data and oil software solutions for the energy industry. From inventory to abandonment we guarantee personal, timely and accurate solutions just for you; anywhere, any size and at any point in the well and asset lifecycle.
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Oil Exploration
Oil and Gas Future Series: Oil Exploration

Oil and Gas Future Series: Oil Exploration – When will we know how much is left? When it comes to Oil Exploration, the truth is that we won’t truly know until it’s all gone, but it doesn’t look like that will be anytime soon. According to...

Survival through Collaboration

Survival Through Collaboration Darwin’s ideology of survival of the fittest has applications across the board; from day to day human existence to businesses in a capitalist market.Yet what if the fittest was also the friendliest? We refer to current times as “modern day society”. The key...

Oil and Gas Future Series: 3 Reasons You Need to Consider IOT

The internet of things (IOT), although not a new idea, is growing in popularity as technology continues to expand. With smartphones in most of our pockets, it’s becoming easier to control the world around us.   It goes farther than turning on the lights and heat on...

Oil and Gas Future
Oil and Gas Future

What is the "Oil and Gas Future"?  It’s no secret that the economic downturn of 2015/16 in the oil and gas industry was an eye opener. The general laws of supply and demand are more than just guidelines when looking at production and what it really...

Well Performance software

Industry Collaboration is Key You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Industry collaboration is a fairly new concept to many of us in this competitive world but it may make the difference in a changing oil and gas industry.It doesn't...

Effective Data Management
Effective Data Management: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Data is Accurate

 Effective Data Management: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Data is AccurateWe don't realize it, but every day of our lives are based on data.When we find the perfect gift for a loved one thanks to Amazon's "People Also Bought", that's data. If we get lost...

Oil Asset Management
Oil Asset Management: 3 Key Software Features to Streamline Operations

 We all have trouble keeping up in our lives. We work hard balancing budgets, organizing calendars, and getting the kids to countless after school activities.As if things weren’t hard enough in our personal lives, those of us in the oilfield tasked with tracking oilfield assets...

New Well Licenses
New Well Licenses: 2 Quick Steps to Find Oilfield Services Leads

With oil prices rebounding, some operators are picking up their drilling activity. But if you've been struggling to sell oilfield services for the past two years, where do you even start?If you're new to the oilfield or if you've been around for a long time,...

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