Oil and gas management software that provides integrated data, workflow, scheduling and reporting for the energy industry.

When you are looking for a top oil and gas management software solution to revolutionize how you run your exploration and production business, you need Micotan’s Generwell. Micotan’s world-class asset life cycle software directly reduces your cycle time from idea to abandonment and reclamation.  At last, you’ll have an accurate, dependable oil well life cycle assessment tool that puts you in the know.

Generwell is a completely configurable well life cycle software suite to suit your needs now and as you expand. Generwell helps your team focus and reach objectives quickly and effectively, while Micotans’ implementation experts ensure the software works best for you.

You’ll have oil and gas management software that makes your business more effective and more profitable. From bench marking to auditing to reporting, the scope of Generwell’s impact is across your entire business. Generwell is an asset to all areas of business including Geology, Land, Engineering, Drilling, Facilities, Pipelines, Reserves, Documentation, Environment, Construction and more.


Reduce Your Expenses & Cycles With Powerful Oil Well Life Cycle Assessment and Management

The hallmark of Generwell is flexibility through oil software configurations specific to just your business.

The outcome of Generwell is increased productivity and reduced cost. Generwell includes modules for; full well, pipeline, facility, project life cycle management and, most importantly, a built in Job Scheduler, all of which saves you time and money.

Generwell is not just a software solution, it is a revolution! Generwell changes the way you do business. When using Generwell, business leaders know that they get easy, complete oil well life cycle assessment and the technology to fully manage the entire well life cycle. Contact us for more information about:

oil and gas software
  1. A world-class well life cycle software solution that is 100% configurable to the needs of any business, anywhere in a lifecycle of a well.
  2. Integrated scheduling organizes and coordinates people and tasks so everyone can focus on their expertise.
  3. Flexible and automated workflows increase the ease of every aspect of the lifecycle.
  4. The application and rig scheduling features vastly improve the gathering, sharing, scheduling and reporting of well, facility and pipeline information.
  5. Custom screen data elements and screen designs meet and exceed corporate requirements for reporting, auditing and decision-making.
  6. Easy information capture and sharing, from email notifications to formatted reports, up to date spreadsheets and current tracked data.
  7. The application is secure.
  8. Full installation and integration is capable on your own with built-in tools.
  9. Complete support from Micotan’s implementation team to support integration.
  10. An iOS mobile app to allow on the go access to data and scheduling information.

Our customers chose Generwell because of extensive, robust, configurable capabilities they discovered.

Immediate access to a full datasheet on all the benefits and features of this exceptional oil software, including:
  • Well, Facilities & Pipelines Module: well life cycle software gives you sharing, reporting & organizing data of every department in your organization
  • Job Scheduler Module: an interface that takes the scheduling of jobs and rigs out of isolation and into your organizations’ processes
  • Custom Data Elements: a placeholder for everything is not possible, but flexibility to accommodate every bit of data is with our tools
  • Workflow Tools: this comprehensive oil well life cycle assessment gives you notification tools allow triggers to help every person in a process help stay on task to meet business requirements
  • Audit Capability: master logs make auditing for any occasion simple
  • Reporting Options: see your data how you need it as flexibility extends to our reporting tool, including GANTT charts, line data sheets, & much more

Getting Started with Generwell

Generwell is a high functioning well life cycle software designed to be fully customized for you, by you as your needs expand.  Generwells’ unique architecture and built-in toolkit allow you to extend your data model to include new fields of data. The built-in report generator will give you the ability to expand your list of corporate reports without the need to involve Micotan in the process.

However, if you find yourself in need of support, Micotans’ consulting team of oil software integration experts are standing by and happy to help! Micotan’s experts created this high caliber oil well life cycle assessment software based on client need and feedback, so making changes to your database or building additional reports can be done quickly and effectively.

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