Using Generwell for Well Safety: 3 Things to Help Mitigate Disaster


Using Generwell for Well Safety: 3 Things to Help Mitigate Disaster

Using Generwell for Well Safety: 3 Things to Help Mitigate Disaster

Wells can be dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken. If you’re facing an audit, trying to safely seal up a well or just need to ensure you have all the data you need for its entire lifecycle, digital records can make a world of difference.

Any time is the perfect time to analyze how to prevent issues going forward. If you ensure all wells are accounted for, and properly maintained then even a full-scale audit can seem significantly less daunting. Enter Generwell.

1.      Well Safety by Tracking Well Life-Cycle

Tracking a full well life-cycle can be tedious work, especially if you’re using spreadsheets or other archaic means to do so. It’s easier if you have a database that is built specifically to keep you and your team on top of where your well is in its lifecycle.

Generwell was built for this. Not only can it be used to track wells, it can also do the same for your facilities and equipment. This allows your team to maintain wells safely and mitigate miscommunications.

You’ll always be able to know what stage in their life your assets are at.

2.      Keep Up to Date Job Schedules

Job Scheduling can be a big enough task on its own, without the concerns of whether each job is being completed within a reasonable time frame and safely.

Generwell has a built-in job scheduler that your team can access in the field. Even if they don’t have cell service, they can enter an update on the mobile app. Generwell will then update the moment they return to an area data is accessible.

This ensures you can track the timeliness of job completion in addition to getting up to date information. You’ll have the ability to make necessary quick decisions on facility and well safety.

3.      Maintaining an Audit Trail

Keeping up to date records on your assets and job completions are two important pieces to maintaining an audit trail. Holding your records to lofty standards will not only help your team during the stressful times of audits but it addresses the safety of your workers and the public.

However, maintaining an effective audit trail can be a daunting task. The number of reports that need to be created can seem astronomical, but fear not!

Generwell was created from a need. Feedback from customers like you is what drove its creation.

Therefore, for your convenience, an extensive report builder is embedded into the software. If your team has done their due diligence throughout an asset’s life, then reporting becomes a breeze.

Safety is Top Priority

You and your team are always on your mind for safety, but the dangers of drilling for oil can be mitigated with proper maintenance schedules and well life monitoring. It’s easy to get complacent with technology improving to automate these systems. Remeber, it will always be necessary to review the data and ensure your records are up to date.