Whelby Canada Collections

Well License Collection (BC/AB/SK/MB)

New Licenses, Cancellations, Amendments, Rig Report (BC), Resumptions, Re-Entries, Spuds, Joint Working Interest (AB), Survey Plans (AB), Licenses Zones (AB)

Well Status Collection (BC/AB/SK)

Status Changes

Completions Collection (BC/AB/SK)

Confidentiality Releases (AB), General Completions (BC/AB), Completions (AB), Re-Completions (AB)

Land Sale Collection (BC/AB/SK/MB)

Notices (includes Addenda and Contacts), Results (includes Land Description and Statistics), Withdrawals, Corrections

Initial Production Collection (BC/AB/SK)

List of wells going on production plus six month trend report

Pipeline Collection (BC/AB)

Approvals (BC), Amendments, Construction (AB), New Licenses (AB)

Facility Collection (BC/AB/SK)

Licensed, Amended, Changed, Abandoned

Working Interest Collection (AB)

Activity tracking of Working Interest (Well Licenses, Spuds, Completions, On Production)

Directive 65 (AB)

Regulatory resource management directives

Expiring Well Licenses

Well licenses about to expire

Whelby Canada Collections