Oilfield  Monitoring Software – Precisely the data you need, when you need it.

When your Canadian business requires vigilant monitoring of monthly, weekly or even daily activity in the oil & gas industry, Micotan’s Whelby is your first and last resource.
Receive the most flexible, customized formats at whatever frequency you need… right to your inbox.  From drilling rig locators to streamlined workflow, Whelby gives you exceptional oilfield monitoring software that keeps you in the know, all the time.

Starting at only $645, an annual Whelby subscription compiles customized reports and gives you data access that includes the most timely, concise, accurate, complete and relevant non-proprietary information. While Whelby draws upon and configures information from hundreds of primary resources to create a state-of-the-art oilfield monitoring software solution, you can just focus on exactly what you need to do to with that data.

Since 2001, Whelby has been the oilfield monitoring software tool of choice for regulatory specialists, business development representatives, mergers & acquisition specialists, sales teams, market analysts, business analysts, VPs, CFOs and CEOs.


More Time Using Great Information, Less Time Looking for It

Whelby Oil and Gas Data Services is a process that collects a variety of well pipeline, drilling rig location, and facility information. Whelby’s catalogue of lists is extensive, which allows you to view Licenses, Cancellations, Amendments, Resumptions, Re-Entries, Spuds, Joint Working Interest, Survey Plans, Licenses Zones, Status Changes, Confidentiality Releases, Completions, Plugging, Re-Completions, Approvals, Construction, and Workovers.

These are just some of the drilling rig location, well pipeline, and facility information products many clients rely on today. Micotan’s oilfield monitoring software offerings have continually grown since 2000 to the needs of any customer. You tell us what you need and we will provide precisely the data necessary to make you more successful.

Whatever you need, whatever list you choose or customize, we deliver the Whelby information that you are interested in directly to your inbox.

Get started with a 30-day free trial.

You Choose: Ready-To-Go or Quick-To-Customize?


Popular, extensive Hit Lists of ready-to-access data sets are updated daily and ready for you now!


You’ll have access to Micotan’s data management consultants to customize your Whelby data to deliver targeted, timely, precise information. This allows you to utilize your subscription to attain that edge on the competition.

Each day, information is retrieved from a number of sources including web sites, publications, individual companies, and other sources of non-proprietary information and organized into the ‘Hit Lists’. These Hit Lists represent collections of data from primary sources only (no ‘second-hand’ data) that is then delivered to the user by email.

Information such as:

Oil and Gas Data Services

Expand Insight Beyond Day to Day Data

The Whelby Decision Cube helps analyze Hit List collections. Not only can you summarize current drilling rig locations and well activity information, but you can also access collections as far back as 2000 to perform historical reviews and trend analysis that would otherwise take days to compile. These can be utilized for various purposes including competitive advantage, merger and acquisition opportunities, budgeting and endless other analytical purposes based on your strategy.

This energy industry activity analyzer provides Western Canadian well licensing information and spuds from 2000 to current day. Specialized cubes are available for your niche requirements, ask us today!

Decision Cube expands your insights. Contact us today for details.

Whelby on iOS and Android™

All the benefits of Whelby directly to you on your mobile smart device! You’ll have access to the hit list anywhere you go with our mobile app.

Some highlights of the app include:

  • Up to date data on Drilling Activity (Licenses & Spuds)
  • Sort by ‘Top 10’ for Licenses and Spuds
  • *Favorite* companies so you can easily follow their activity
  • Detailed information on data record (UWI, Well Name, Well Status)
  • Map, with driving instructions included\
  • At a glance summarized Drilling Activity chart

You’ll have FREE access to this app no matter which Whelby subscription you choose.

Whelby Maps Portal

You’ll be able to take advantage of our complementary Maps Portal, which is accessible to all customers whether you choose the Whelby Hit List or the Whelby Decision Cube. Visualize your license/permit, spud and rig locations with an online interactive map with filtering capabilities. Click here for more detailed information on this revolutionary oilfield monitoring software and to get started using it, today!