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Micotan Oifield  monitoring software


Oil well life cycle assessment – Integrated data, workflow, scheduling and reporting for the energy industry.

When you are looking for an oil software solution to revolutionize how you run your oil and gas business, you need Micotan’s Generwell. Using Generwell, a world-class well life cycle software, you have the power to accurately assess your oil well life cycle, directly reducing your cycle time, from implementation to abandonment.

Generwell is a completely configurable oil and gas software suite to suit your needs now and as you expand. Your team can continue to focus while Micotan’s implementation experts make Generwell work for you. From benchmarking to auditing to reporting, the scope of this energy management software’s impact is across your entire business… with simplicity and flexibility.

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Oil Software


Oil Software for everyone in the industry

Oilfield Monitoring Software – Precisely the data you need, when you need it.

When your Canadian business requires vigilant monitoring of monthly, weekly or daily activity in the oil & gas industry, Micotan’s Whelby is your first and last resource. Micotan specializes in the most advanced oil software. With a Whelby subscription, you will get well, pipeline, drilling rig location, and facilities information. You’ll gain access to the most timely, concise, accurate, complete and relevant information available, all provided to you in flexible, customized format at whatever frequency you need… right to your inbox. Since 2001, Whelby has been the energy management software the tool of choice for CEOs, VPs, market analysts and sales executives in the top energy companies in North America and soon your business, too.

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