5 Benefits of Generwell

5 Benefits of Generwell

Oil and gas management software not only makes your business more efficient but more profitable as well.  A configurable well life cycle software that is suited to your business needs can revolutionize the way you run your exploration and production business. It will allow you to have an accurate, dependable oil well life cycle assessment tool that will benefit your organization for years to come.

Micotan’s Generwell is a world-class asset lifecycle software application that directly reduces your cycle time from idea/prospect to abandonment and reclamation. Generwell helps your team focus and reach objectives quickly and effectively, while Micotans’ implementation experts ensure the software is configured properly to meet your requirements.


Here are just a few benefits that we know you’ll enjoy about Generwell.



Getting Generwell software doesn’t mean that you make your purchase and are left to your own devices. Our professional implementation team is with you every step of the way during your Generwell journey to ensure that the software is as effective as possible for your needs.

First, our implementation team will meet with you to analyze which modules of Generwell will be the most beneficial to you. We will then develop a strategy on the easiest and most efficient way to get you up-and-running with Generwell so you can start seeing results as soon as possible. We will then schedule some follow-on work that will be broken up into phases for future consideration.

Generwell will then be configured and continually updated according to your needs. After this, we train your employees on how to use Generwell and provide support for any questions or queries you have with the software.


A project management dashboard should be the sole place for all your company data. You don’t have time to look through hundreds of files and search through spreadsheets for data that should be available at your fingertips.

Generwell’s dashboard is completely configurable for your business and only requires a one-time setup in order to give you convenient statistics on your business. This allows you to free up your time to be more efficient and make better business decisions.

Your Generwel dashboard boasts an easy to read display that shows the performance metrics for a project’s overall performance and monitors the success of all your projects.

Your oil and gas dashboard should be the centralized space for all project activity and should be user-friendly for all involved. It’s difficult to manage a lot of moving parts at once, and when large changes take place, they require immediate action.


It’s crucial that your job/task scheduler is integrated with your asset management, which is where Generwell’s job scheduler mode is beneficial.

Generwell’s Job Scheduler module is an interface that takes the scheduling of jobs and rigs out of isolation and into your organizations integrated planning process.

By using Generwell, you have access to multiple modules, working alongside one another to help you manage and track your assets. You’re not only able to schedule jobs or projects, but you can also track costs, obtain AFE approval, manage equipment and create custom dashboard reports.


A well-managed audit trail can be a good indicator of a successful business. It consists of your company records that document every step in a business transaction. Using spreadsheets instead of a custom-configured software solution can leave your company open to error.

Generwell’s audit capability means that your master logs are all stored and can be accessed by the click of a finger, making auditing for any occasion convenient and simple.


Reporting can be a mundane task, but with Generwell software, you can see all your data and organize convenient reports. Generwell can provide reporting in the form of GANTT charts, line data sheets, and many other options to suit your business needs. The time saved on having information readily available is time that your employees can spend on more important tasks that require their expertise.


From benchmarking to auditing to reporting, the scope of Generwell’s’ impact is across your entire business. Generwell is an asset to all areas of business including Geology, Land, Engineering, Drilling, Facilities, Pipelines, Reserves, Documentation, Environment, Construction and more.

Improve your business with powerful oil well life cycle assessment and management software. Generwell is not just a software solution, it is a revolution! Get easy, complete oil well life cycle assessment software and the technology to fully manage the entire well life cycle.

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