5 Ways to know if your Software is User-Friendly

5 Ways to know if your Software is User-Friendly

User experience is crucial to ensuring that a new software system is successful. If your employees don’t find your software user-friendly, then it’s likely they won’t use it as it’s intended to be used or avoid using it all together!


So, what makes a software user-friendly?

Here are 5 ways you can judge if your software is user-friendly.

  1. It’s visually engaging

While the functionality of a software is obviously important, how it looks also plays a part in how it will be used. A well thought out design can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful software.

  1. Easy to update

A user-friendly software should always be simple to update when necessary. If the process is hard, then users will likely just skip it all together, which can cause havoc for your business. Updates need to be simple enough that users can continue working from where they left off. When necessary updates aren’t seen as important, or are difficult to do, then the software becomes less reliable and secure, making it increasingly difficult to use.

  1. Multiple devices

Can your software run on your PC, laptop and mobile? Having a software that can be used on a variety of devices means easy access to tasks and ensures that your software is being used, no matter what the users digital preference may be. An app can come in handy when your team are out of the office and still need to check on the status of a project.

  1. Efficient

Your chosen software should work seamlessly, and from the user’s point of view, it should be a help, not a hindrance when completing their job. The last thing you want is your software getting in the way of completing a task; if users find it to difficult to use, then they simply won’t use it.

  1. Ability to customise

A user-friendly software will always have the ability to be customised. This not only saves the user time but makes their work life a lot easier. Not everyone in your business will have the same requirements, so it’s important to customise each user’s software to ensure they have the best user experience possible

How do you define user friendly? And what would you remove or add to this list?

At Micotan, we pride ourselves on having our Generwell software be extremely user friendly. Our users often tell us that the software is straightforward, easy to use and easy to know where you are and what you’re doing in the interface.