What assistance do you need from Micotan once Generwell has been implemented?

What assistance do you need from Micotan once Generwell has been implemented?

We get asked this question a lot: what assistance do you need from Micotan once Generwell is in place? The answer: You don’t need it, but we are more than happy to provide it!

Generwell is Micotan’s world-class well lifecycle software that directly reduces your cycle time from idea/prospect to abandonment and reclamation and we have designed the software so that your company can do most of the basic configuration changes once the product has gone live. Why did we design it this way? We know you’re busy, and your IT department is too, which is why we want you to be able to make changes when necessary, without having to wait.

Our well lifecycle management tool is configurable to suit your needs as your company expands. The easy configuration of Generwell ensures that our customers can quickly turnaround any change requests from their users, without having to get Micotan involved.

Before we leave you to configure the product within your office, we train you extensively on how to use every aspect of the software. We want your company to be experts in the software so that you can benefit from all its features.  We also provide ongoing support to ensure that everyone is using the software correctly and is confident in making changes.

Micotan provides industry best practices and professionals to remove the pain points of adopting a new system. Our customizable and configurable solution and our responsiveness of our support staff is why our customers love us.

We’d love to hear from you! How are you finding your Generwell software? If you need assistance, we would love to help you either by phone (1-888-MICOTAN) or by email (support@micotan.com)