Canada’s 150: Happy Birthday Canada!

Canada Day

Canada’s 150: Happy Birthday Canada!

The 1st of July is a holiday for us Canadians. The birthday of our fine country. This year is a special one though.

Canada is turning 150 this year! Canada D’Eh is usually a proud day where Canadians come together, no matter race, gender, or age to celebrate the glorious great white north.

Being a born and raised Canadian company, Micotan would like to take this time to reflect on Canadian contributions to the world.

Did you know? (Canada edition)


Have you ever heard of Caban a Sucre? (English: Sugar Shack). This delicious winter traditions stems from Quebec. It consists of packing snow in a wooden box with an open top. After that you grab a popsicle stick in one hand and pour hot maple syrup into the snow with the other. You then use the popsicle stick to roll up the maple syrup and eat it like an icy maple popsicle. Delicious!

I’m sure you’ve all been bowling before. Ten pins and a heavy ball. But has the ball ever seemed too heavy? Invented by Thomas Ryan in 1905, 5-pin bowling has, you guessed it, only 5 pins (3/4s the size of regular pins) and the balls are hand sized and made of rubber! 5-pin bowling is great for children and adults who have difficulty dealing with the weight of 10 pin bowling balls.

Something I’m sure you’ve heard about is Java. Its on your computers, your phones, and even in some satellites! Java was created by a Canadian by the name of James Arthur Gosling in 1994. Without its easy to use “write once, run anywhere” system, the digital world would look very different today!

Canada’s Contributions

The list goes on and on with what Canadians have done for modern society:

And that’s barely scratching the surface!


Thanks Canada

Take a moment this July 1st to thank Canada and wish it a Happy Birthday. Take a moment this July 1st and wish Canada a Happy Birthday. From your Canadian friends up North, we are so gracious for all we have to celebrate; nationally and abroad!

Happy Confederation Canada! Thank you for these glorious 150 years!