Generwell 2017

Generwell 2017

Moving Forward in 2017

Your feedback has been and will always be important to us. Generwell will be launching new releases this year with the features YOU want and the changes YOU asked for. The 2017 release notes will be available soon so stay tuned to our Blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Throughout the year we always have exciting updates coming. Here’s a sneak peek on some key upcoming features.

Generwell - Oil Management SoftwareIn addition to the current modules of Wells, Facilities, Pipelines, Job Scheduler, and projects new modules are on the way!

Wouldn’t it be easier if Generwell also tracked your:

  • Equipment?
  • Inventory?
  • AFE?

Keep your eyes peeled in 2017 for the big update which allow you to do all three. Know where your purchased resources are, determine if you can move/use them in future jobs, monitor spending, all with Generwell!

Don’t forget about the Generwell Mobile App! This FREE advantage to any Generwell customers let you view your data and log job completions on the go, even offline! If you’re team is stuck in an area without service at 3am, not to fret. They can update their job status and when they arrive in a service area, the app will reconnect everything and sync together smoothly. See LIVE, REAL TIME data at all times. Want to know more about Generwell today? Click here!


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