Generwell 2019.0 – Generwell’s New Features

Generwell 2019.0 – Generwell’s New Features

Generwell is Micotan’s revolutionary oil management system that can greatly change how you run your exploration and production business. The world-class asset life cycle software directly reduces your cycle time from idea to abandonment and reclamation and is completely configurable to suit your needs.

We’ve just released our latest version, 2019.0 with some great new features that are sure to benefit your oil and gas operation.

Production Forecast

A production forecast dashboard is now built into the Generwell scheduler, allowing for easy visibility into the planned production based on decline curves and the on-production date for each well.

Dynamic ‘Add’ Forms

When any new asset is created, Generwell now supports dynamically showing applicable fields depending on the type of asset selected.

Dynamic Hide/Show Tabs

A very flexible approach has been added to Generwell where new tabs can be automatically shown or hidden depending on the type or category of asset.

Global Tasks

Users can easily see a holistic view of all of their tasks with a new Global Task view.

AFE Navigation

AFEs associated with the asset are easily navigable from the asset once a new AFE has been created.

Multiple Equipment Items

Generwell’s equipment module now allows for the addition of multiple equipment items at the same time.

5-Day Scheduling

The job schedule now provides support for 5-day schedules, making it more convenient for workover schedules.

Fine-Grained Drag and Drop

The job schedule now supports fine-grained drag-and-drop, improving the ability to more easily manage short-duration jobs.

Generwell’s new and improved version 2019.0 can reduce your expenses and cycle times with powerful oil well life cycle assessment and management, making your business more effective and more profitable. We have our implementation experts at the ready to help you incorporate Generwell 2019.0 into your company and ensure that the software works best for you.

If you have our existing version of Generwell and are looking to upgrade or are hoping to implement Generwell for the first time, click below to enquire and find out more about how Generwell can benefit your oil and gas company.