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Cyber-crime is becoming an increasing concern in our interconnected world. Consumers give their personal information to companies in exchange for services, and companies spend small fortunes to keep it secure. Personal data is very attractive for bad actors. Pranksters can take contact information and republish it to cause people trouble. Identity thieves can hijack financial data and use it for nefarious purposes.

In the business world, the consequences can be dire. When company databases are hacked, they lose money, consumer confidence, and face scrutiny from policy makers. Oil and Gas companies have never faced this kind of risk before, but that may very well change. The industry is becoming increasingly tech-intense. Specialized Oil and Gas software is critical for business to be successful. Assets are becoming data intensive and interconnected. Scheduling software will contain and manage sensitive information, data companies don’t want bad actors to have access to that type of information.

There are many different defences against cyber threats. Technology has advanced (and continues to advance) to the point where the traditional image of a hacker, some spotty-faced fellow in front of a computer screen, is not realistic anymore. Data is protected by many layers of encryption. Fail-safe mechanisms and insurance policies protect victims of Identity theft. The law is beginning to catch up with “trolls” online. However, despite these advances, we still hear stories of databases being hacked and data being illicitly obtained.

The issue that doesn’t get discussed enough is how cyber criminals play on our weaknesses as human beings. Phishing scams and information leaks are the main ways that bad actors can gain access to your software and hardware. These hackers use authentic-sounding emails and compromised download links to steal passwords and usernames. With that information, they can take control of your rig scheduler, for example, and cause chaos. Well delivery could become impossible, with tools and engineers heading to the wrong places at the wrong times.

Generwell has the technological requirements for cyber threats. We encrypt your data and can prevent access to your scheduling software from the wider internet. To solve the human-related issues with cyber, we have two main suggestions that can prevent bad actors from accessing your scheduling software.

First, you need to train your teams about these threats. Make sure they only log-in on your proprietary company platforms. Use internal e-mails with strong passwords, ones that your team members use only for their work account.

Second, you should set permissions to prevent information from entering the wrong hands, even in your organization. Generwell allows you to fine-tune permissions for your team. Your individual team members can be set to be able to view and use only certain components of Generwell. Assuming the system administrator’s account is secure, you can ensure that information is available on a need-to-know basis. If any nefarious persons manage to get into your platform, they won’t have access to more than a minimal amount of information.

As strong as your security may be, as well-educated as your people are to cyber threats, permissions are the best possible means of securing your asset management software. It’s only natural that we’ve made it a feature for Generwell.

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