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Revolutionize how you run your business with Genewell and our team of experts. Our world-class well lifecycle software helps your team focus, so you can operate at the highest industry standards, while remaining transparent and efficient in your processes and development of your wells, facilities, pipelines and related assets.

Generwell. A completely configurable software suite of interrelated modules.

Gain seamless integration of data, efficient use of shared technology and unlimited expansion opportunities.
Put more power in all your planning, gathering, sharing, scheduling and reporting needs.

From benchmarking to auditing to reporting, the benefits of Generwell scope across your entire business… with simplicity and flexibility. The overall outcome is a direct reduction to your cycle time of development, from implementation through to abandonment.

Whether you are drilling, completing or managing midstream operations, the hallmark of Generwell is flexibility. The possibilities for configuration ensure you are endlessly capable of achieving exactly what you need. Custom data elements and screen designs specifically meet your corporate requirements.

Data Designer Module sets you up for custom data elements… this not just a feature. It is the foundation of Generwell. A system with a placeholder for every conceivable item of data is not possible, so we created a tool to provide maximum flexibility. You can create any number of custom data elements exactly to your specifications. This powerful design allows for comprehensive customization at your fingertips.

Work with our implementation specialists to choose the modules and features that best suit your business needs. Or let us know if you need something we have not built yet! Our best features are born from our customers’ greatest needs.

  • Well Facilities & Pipeline Data Module
  • Scheduler Module
  • Full Asset Life Cycle Module
  • Workflow Tools Creation and Implementation – Holistically customized
  • Custom Reporting Tools, including internal and external reporting such as regulatory submission, at the click of a button
  • Regulatory Automation Compliance

A world-class software suite that ensures you achieve top of industry performance:

We will configure your best solution with the variety of modules and features available. This lets you control the distribution of modules and information to users. Here are a few of the benefits you will discover for your organization.

  • Asset, Lifecycle Optimization
  • Flexible Workflow Definition, Implementation and Management
  • Task Coordination and Management
  • Powerful and Painless Reporting Tools
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Measurable Continuous Improvement
  • Process Improvement

Our customers chose Generwell because of extensive, robust, configurable capabilities they discovered.

Data Designer Module & Custom Data Elements

This module is the powerhouse behind revolutionizing your business. Installed with data elements from industry standard templates but adapted so it meets every clients’ unique processes and data requirements, we configure fields in the Generwell database to create custom “data holders”. Using our Data Designer Module, your system administrator (or our team) creates custom information such as dates, times, personnel, text, checkboxes, calculations and dropdown boxes. Once a data element is created, it is available for sharing, filtering, reporting and scheduling.

Let’s say you want the ability to assign a “Widget” category to jobs in your database so users can search, sort and report based on the field. Also, you don’t want a free-format field, you want users to select from a dropdown list of Widget options. A reasonable request, but since your list of Widget options is specific to your company, your list must be created. Here are the steps:

  • Create a new dictionary containing the Widget options
  • Create a new dropdown box field associated with the dictionary
  • Place the field on the desired tab(s)

All jobs in the database now have a place holder for the Widget category and are ready to accept data. It’s that easy! The new field is now also available for schedules, reports and searches.

Well, Facilities & Pipelines Data Modules

Tracking the progress of a well, facility or pipeline from inception to abandonment requires input from many departments within the organization. Sharing, organizing and reporting this data is the job of the Generwell Data Modules.

Here are some examples of the types of data that you can track with Generwell.

Data is organized and presented to the user in the form of tabs, subtabs, frames, grids and fields. All of these custom data elements can be created by Micotan or your system administrator. Most clients adopt the practice of organizing and labelling their tabs by discipline, for example Engineering, Geology, Operations, Mineral, Land, Surface Land, Drilling, Construction, Regulatory, Environmental and other applicable business areas.

Rig Scheduler Module

This interface takes the scheduling of jobs, rigs and other resources out of isolation and in to your organization’s processes. This integrated and automated “drag and drop” scheduler is a smart tool that is directly linked to your workflow. This Schedule is live, and provides you with real-time snapshot of where your resources are being utilized and can be viewed from any given location. For example, our international customers can enter Generwell and view operations from Country to Country, knowing that there is only one real version of the truth at any given point in time.

Your teams can now focus on issues and opportunities that exist in a day-to-day operation versus updating spreadsheets and schedules, potentially saving hours in chasing the most current information. The Scheduler is live and up-to-date.

Full Asset Life Cycle

With Generwell’s data templates, job management system and custom data elements, the system can manage a well’s full life cycle. The best part? You decide the elements that constitute a life cycle. Not interested in a full well life cycle tool? Use Generwell in any configuration required to address your priorities.


Generwell provides workflow support for business processes such as: Request to Drill (RTD), Request to Complete (RTC), Request to Survey (RTS) and Request to Abandon (RTA). Generwell is a great tool for sharing information, but it also provides automatic notification to supplement workflow. Any data element can be configured to send a notice. This is called a message trigger. When data associated with a message trigger is updated, a client defined message is sent to the desired recipient(s). For example, a message may be associated with the ‘Drilling License’ field, so when any user updates this field (assuming they have permission), a message is sent to the Drilling Engineer, the Surface Landman and the Geologist, ensuring immediate notification informing all involved of their next task to complete. This immediate communication is precisely what impacts the time (often wasted) in communicating. Therefore, the process of development and cycle time is directly impacted in real time, as tasks are being completed.

Custom Reporting

Generwell’s flexibility continues with custom reports, including Columnar reports, Form reports and Gantt Charts. Columnar reports can include any number of columns, filtered, sorted and formatted as required. Form reports allow custom page layouts for internal reporting purposes or to manage external, government or regulatory reporting requirements. Gantt charts provide a visual representation of custom designed milestones. Other form reports such as those required by regulatory bodies may be imbedded into Generwell. These reports are then generated at the click of a button. Generwell does this by pulling from Generwell itself, or other systems applicable which contain the information required for submission, whether internal or external.

Any of the above reports can be created, changed and notifi cations can be set up, should a particular fi eld within the form be updated by any applicable person, or should the requirements change at any given time.

Eliminate Shared Spreadsheets

Many companies have experienced the painful loss of critical information as a result of sharing spreadsheets. The flexibility of Generwell allows for ANY data to be stored, managed and reported from the Well Data module.

It is key to note, that this key functionality delivers transparency and accessibility of any information and documentation to the full organization (as set up on your own security priorities) to be able to plan, execute and stay on top of any reporting activity, be it to regulators, partners or any other stakeholders.

Examples of Data Management

Improving how you access, manage and use data anywhere, anytime in any asset, be it a well, facility, and or pipeline at any point of their lifecycle.


• Geological tops (formations, KB, subsea, lithology), expected products, depths, pay, rates, reservoir parameters, reserves

• Logging, sampling and analysis requirements

• Coordinates, spacing, horizontal leg details


• Partners and interests, encumbrances, rights, unit information, expiries and other milestone dates, partner obligations, partner communications and regulatory requirements

• Crown, freehold and internal file numbers, government applications and approvals, land owner info, broker info, costs, payment dates, road use, notification letter, seasonal limitations and the like

• Survey company, permission, approval, versions, milestone dates


• Wellsite equipment and specifications (casing, tubing etc.), H2S data, tie-in specifications

• Capital, AFEs, economic indicators, approvals, budget parameters

• Engineering documentation, drawings, specifications, engineering consultants, epcm progress and auditability of all and any of the above


License and regulatory information, milestone dates, office and field personnel, coordinates, equipment, drilling program details, vendors, depths, elevations, reservoir and material management


Location information, inlet rates, emissions, industry consultations, landowner notifi cations, pumps, compressors, construction, engineering, materials


Pipeline location information, engineering specifications, inspection detail, surveys, notification requirements, constructability


Volumetric parameters, pre and post-drill estimates, 3rd party estimates, partner agreements


• Track the transfer of documents to partners, government, internal contacts and any other stakeholders

• Examples: surveys, pre-spud package, logs, well file, reports for drilling, completions, workover, abandonment, pressure surveys, fluid analysis.


• Surface casing vent flows, base groundwater protection, porous zones, cement tops, inspections

• Air, water, ground, and all other environmental requirements and related compliance documentation

• Data for direct export to government application systems


Contacts, status, permits, approvals, equipment, costs, engineering and related contracts

Our customers chose Generwell because of extensive, robust, configurable capabilities they discovered.