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Generwell Excel

As tax season draws near, everyone is feeling the pain of having to fill out long, complex forms by hand.

You’re more likely to make mistakes, either with your pencil or with your math. If you’re particularly computer-savvy, you could use Excel to shorten the process. Most of the basic calculations can be done with formulas or macros, saving you a time-consuming step. But what if you could make the whole exercise even simpler? Say, have a program that, when you enter in the right boxes, automatically fills in a printable return for you? Better yet, one you can send to the government online?

Exploration and Production scheduling is far more complicated than a typical tax return. The risk and the money involved in the Oil and Gas well delivery necessitates a more robust solution than pen and paper. Microsoft Excel is definitely a valuable oil and gas software. It has been a vital part of the Oil Engineer’s toolbox for decades. Most upstream companies likely have thousands of Excel files on their networks. With training and practice, Excel can be a powerful asset management software. Having rig scheduling and reports in a digital format helps too, allowing for files to be shared quickly and easily.

However, Excel isn’t without its flaws. It has quite a learning curve, requiring years of practice to master macros and formatting. It can be tricky to generate reports or schedules without additional software as well. The average engineer or rig scheduler will need to have a clear process or orthodoxy for organizing the sheets, data and formulas. Having all of the Excel documents legible and consistent can be challenging. So too is the volume of files that are created. A single oil and gas well delivery project can create a massive number of files, and many of them being Excel spreadsheets.

That said, Excel seems to work well. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Why change your oil and gas process and software, unless the current model doesn’t function? Excel may help you get by, but Generwell offers multiple improvements and supplements to the much-used platform.

Generwell is easily to learn, and offers many features that Excel lacks. The details of your schedule can be adjusted and re-written based on new compliance rules in Excel, but that takes time and energy from an Excel expert. Generwell allows you to adjust to new rules or new circumstances on the fly. Field reporting for well delivery can’t be completed and synchronized with the head office on-site in Excel, but our mobile app allows engineers to complete reports and receive automated tasks. Generwell also creates native Excel reports so you can continue to benefit from using Excel for data analysis. You can have the best of both worlds with Generwell and Excel! Where Excel alone has its limitations and challenges, Generwell can help you manage information in a secure and auditable manner.

Excel is a powerful platform and enables us to escape pen and paper. But more complex software can make the same tasks even easier to complete. Many of the limitations and challenges of Excel are solved with more the advanced, secure, auditable, and easier to use Generwell.

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