The Generwell Implementation Process

The Generwell Implementation Process

Generwell is Micotan’s world-class asset lifecycle software that directly reduces your cycle time from idea to abandonment and reclamation.  Our accurate, dependable oil well lifecycle management tool puts you in the know and is completely configurable to suit your needs as your company expands.

While the Generwell software is in itself a key differentiator for Micotan, it is also accompanied by a high-quality implementation experience with our team of implementation experts. This ensures that the software is as effective as possible for your needs.

Here is an overview of how the implementation process usually works for a new company.


Micotan’s Implementation team initially conducts a high-level customer analysis as one step of our sales process. During the Analysis phase of implementation, our team performs a deeper analysis – to determine where the best “bang for your buck” will be. They determine which modules of Generwell will bring the most value to your company whether it’s Wells, Sites/facilities, Pipelines, AFE, Equipment, Job Scheduling, Workflow, Reports etc. We know that not every company requires the entire software, so we go through and see what aspects of the software will benefit you the most. After we have determined how your company will use Generwell, we then create a detailed proposal for you.


The next step is to meet with you to determine a strategy on the easiest and most efficient way to get you up-and-running with Generwell, so you can start seeing results as soon as possible. We will then schedule some follow-on work that will be broken up into phases for future consideration.


We will configure Generwell for the “initial installation”. This initial installation isn’t final, and the configuration will continue to be updated according to your needs. We will hold review sessions with your company to gather feedback on what you require. At this time, we will also add the Reports, Workflow, Job Scheduler, Data Connectors to other systems and a One-Time Historical load from existing systems.


Training for Generwell is extremely important, and we want your company to be experts in the software so that you can benefit from it’s features. We conduct end-user training with all users to explain how the software works, answer any questions and show you how your job can be made easier with Generwell. We’ll also show you how to use our mobile and web applications to allow on-the-go access to data and scheduling information.


We don’t just leave you once training is finished. For the next couple of months, we will provide support to you to ensure that everyone using the software is comfortable with the new system and that it gets adopted to ensure that the maximum value is achieved. We will then start to talk about future phases of the software, once your company has had some time to let the system gain momentum.

Once the implementation process is complete your company will have a well life cycle management software that makes your business more effective and more profitable. From benchmarking to auditing to reporting, the scope of Generwells’ impact is across your entire business from Geology, Land, Engineering, Drilling, Facilities, Pipelines, Reserves, Documentation, Environment, Construction and more.  the Generwell team is here to support you during every step.