Happy New Year from Micotan!

Happy New Year from Micotan!

A new year has begun and with it come a wealth of changes at the Micotan office

Grow Grow Grow!

Our sales team will be taking leaps and bounds into the new year with our new additions:

Joe Cutforth will be promoting Generwell. With more than 20 years of making data useful for leading oil & gas industry executives, Joe will give you the best available support and contact for everything Generwell.

Matthew Marcinkowski is the new face on our Whelby sales team. Matt is a strong, confident, personality who will ensure every customer will be using Whelby to the best of its abilities.

We would also like to welcome our new Product Manager for Generwell, Kevin Magowan. Kevin is a driven individual who prides himself on his results, to deliver the best version of Generwell to you.

Happy New Year

2017 is Loading

The Age of Information

With the new year just beginning we also have a new approach to the digital world, our new Digital Marketing Specialist: Spencer Cyr. Utilizing his computer finesse and outgoing personality we will be diving head first into a full-blown web presence.

You’ll be as close to us as ever with twitter updates, regular emails, and more blog posts. You’ll always be in the know of what’s going on at Micotan, what’s new with Generwell and Whelby, and what you can expect from us in the future. There’s never a boring moment at Micotan and you can be ahead of the game with our new, more frequent updates.

Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @MicotanSoftware and LinkedIn, and most importantly subscribe to our blog!

Looking forward to growing with you this year,