How do I get notified?

How do I get notified?

One of the most important features of a good Project Management software is the ability to notify team members.  It’s imperative that your colleagues and project team members are notified if someone has completed a task, but on the other hand, you don’t want to get inundated with unimportant notifications.

Generwell has a great deal of flexibility when it comes to email notifications.  Our customers can choose to implement ‘light weight’ email notifications where they select specific types of information that, when changed, send out notifications.  These notifications only get sent to those people who require it (e.g. Drilling Engineering, Surface Land, Regulatory, etc.) so it is very targeted.  We know that no one likes to receive 100 email notifications per day, and we’re concerned about ‘spamming’ people, so we help your company to target the email to ensure that your project team are getting the correct notifications at the right time.


Generwell will email the relevant people based on what kind of data is changed within the system. It also has a fully configurable workflow engine.  Rather than just sending a notification when something has changed, the workflow engine will send a notification that tells the next person what their task is.  This helps to keep the project on track by sending specific instructions and ensures that everyone knows when it’s their turn to complete a task.


The best thing about Generwell email notifications is that each individual has complete control of them.  You might want to receive an immediate message when a task is assigned, or maybe you prefer a daily or weekly summary of your tasks – either way, you can adjust your settings to suit your style of work.  The Generwell software is so specific that it even allows you to have daily emails sent to your inbox but allows you to opt out of Saturday/Sunday emails so that you don’t get bothered on the weekend!


Generwell’s approach to email notifications is consistent with its overall philosophy – promote standardization and efficiency throughout the organization, but also provide a level of personalization so that people can tailor the experience to their specific needs.


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