Meet the Team

You are part of a leading producer or service company in the energy industry.

We are a team of world-class developers and implementation specialists, creating top notch oil software to revolutionize the way companies like yours do business by ensuring we are with you every step of the way.

Beyond that, we are part of your team… our commitment to what we do extends to our commitment to what you do. We care like family. Attention to every customer, of any size, lets us help revolutionize your business. Each of our team helps you focus on your job so you can make your company more efficient and more profitable.

Our entire team thrives on continuing to advance our state-of-the-art oil software while making lasting connections with you and your team. Whether through support, training or custom data solutions, we make it our personal responsibility to ensure the way you use Generwell and Whelby sets you up for success now and in the future.

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Chris McPhee 


Chris exudes a calming confidence that translates directly into the culture of Micotan. This compliments his competency and that of the entire team. The outcome of his leadership style is a win for everyone, the Micotan team and the customers, who find no matter how complex a problem there is always great joy in working together for a common goal. Chris is driven to help customers get the very most from Micotan’s team, products and services. He ensures every organization is more effective in how they do their jobs, because of how Micotan does theirs. He brings a rich problem-solving aptitude and a deep technical education to the team, with undergrad degrees in engineering and computer science, a Masters Degree in software engineering and an MBA. His broad formal education and in-depth experience ensures every decision, within the Micotan offices or around the customers’ boardroom table, begins with critical thinking and understanding core problems. He is motivated simply by taking obstacles out of the way so others can fulfill their roles to their best abilities. His greatest joy is seeing customers loving using the Micotan products and services… because when they use them they are guaranteed to improve the way they work and their outcomes.

Walter Semkuley 

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO

Walter co-founded Micotan in 2002, fulfilling a passion to become a business owner, after a lifelong career as a Chartered Accountant that began as an original graduate of Simon Fraser University. Micotan was developed as a petroleum software tool to solve major data management problems of that time. That initiative has become industry leadership for Micotan as Walter maintains his visionary role while also leveraging his CA credentials. He helps identify opportunities for growth, both geographically and in product development (as a world traveler he has a unique perspective). Whether steering this vision with Micotan leaders or joining the team as they meet with customers, Walter remains a resource that ensures staff and clients have an open door to the best opportunities. Walter is proud to support a team of equally visionary individuals with incredibly high standards for the work they do.

Software Development

Galina Lapushinskaya Generwell - Oil Management Software 

Manager of Software Development

Galina is the development lead behind our world-class, revolutionary products for the past decade. She thrives on the customized demands that each unique business offers. With personal attention to your business needs, she ensures our one-of-a-kind solutions are robust in standard features while also flexible to any customers’ current and future demands, exactly as needed. She, like our entire team, has a “can do” attitude, valuing every clients’ needs equally and never saying no to a challenge.

Implementation Specialists

Aida Beuk Generwell - Oil Management Software 

Implementation Specialist & Senior Business Analyst

Aida ensures Generwell becomes a perfect customized fit for any organization of any size. With 20 years expertise bridging the functions of business and I.T., she guarantees a thorough understanding of customers’ needs and challenges. Then she supports their teams in adopting Generwell to parallel the systems that work, enhance those that can be better and establish a flexible foundation for the future.

Marc Jullion Generwell - Oil Management Software 

Implementation Specialist

Marc works closely with customers using Generwell to help them fully realize the extensive customizability of the solution and then perfectly match these to the business needs. With a highly technical background, keen business sense and joy of working with customers, Marc easily bridges the Generwell flexibility (and the skills of the development team to solve any problem) to the customer’s systems, processes and business problems. His particular passion is ensuring every business unit can use the same toolset to identify bottlenecks and remove redundancies.

Our team believes they can do anything, solve any problem… and they do. It is proven.
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