Oil and Gas Workflow Software

Oil and Gas Workflow Software

Oil and gas workflow software helps your team minimize errors and save time. An easy and convenient way to manage your workflows is with a configurable workflow software application. Oil and gas companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to do more with less, and automated workflows are the perfect solution to help with this.

How exactly can workflow software help your organization?

Streamline the Approvals Process

Gone are the days where you need to chase down another employee just to get their signature or approval on something. Not only does it delay the process, but there is no record of it actually happening. With workflow software in place, you can manage this process electronically and take the inconvenience and stress out of it. Every movement is tracked, and team members can be made accountable with deadlines for approvals. This means that all members of the team can see what stage the approval process is at and can follow up if required.

Documented Processes

To ensure consistency in following processes, these processes first need to be documented in an easy to follow way that all your employees understand. It’s no good having the perfect workflow process if no one can easily follow it!

Your processes need to be documented so that everyone can find and follow them easily, ensuring consistency throughout your projects.


Auditing is crucial in any organization and a well thought out well lifecycle workflow can make the auditing process efficient and easy. The ability for documents to be attached to a workflow means that all your important information is in one central system and pulling documents together for an audit is no longer as time-consuming as it once was.


When you take out the requirement for numerous emails and printed documents, you can save a lot of time and reduce human error. Setting up a well lifecycle workflow ensures that all your processes are automated and everyone in your team knows where they are with their work.

Generwell provides oil and gas workflow software to support business processes such as Request to Drill (RTD), Request to Complete (RTC), Request to Survey (RTS) and Request to Abandon (RTA). Generwell is a great tool for sharing information, but it also provides automatic notifications to supplement workflow management. Any data element can be configured to send a notice when it gets changed – this is called a message trigger. When data associated with a message trigger is updated, a configurable message is sent to the desired recipient(s). For example, a message may be associated with the ‘Drilling Permit’ field, so when any user updates this field (assuming they have permission), a message is sent to the Drilling Engineer, the Surface Landman and the Geologist, ensuring immediate notification informing all involved of their next assigned task.

This immediate communication is precisely what impacts, and accelerates, the cycle time of delivering a well from prospect to spud.

Flexible and automated workflows can increase the ease of every aspect of the Oil and Gas asset lifestyle and reduces the cost of your projects!.