Oil and Gas Future: Why Your Phone is Your Best Friend


Oil and Gas Future: Why Your Phone is Your Best Friend

We live in a beautiful age of technology. If you told someone 50 years ago that we would soon have access to infinite information at our fingertips, they would be astounded. Yet for us, it’s commonplace by just using our phones.

Now the real question is: are we using these powerful pocket computers properly? Are we just taking advantage of thousands of hilarious animal videos online?

Are you using your Smart Phone to it’s Full Potential?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of apps available for download, but there are some necessities.

Finding a news app that suits you is a top priority. Most news apps allow you to filter down to a specific sector. This allows you to focus on the information you need to help you make your daily decisions.

Secondly, if your company subscribes to Microsoft’s Office 365, it comes with access to all the office applications you love, even on mobile. This will help you deal with spreadsheets or emails when you’re stuck on the train or out in the field.

Third, if you need up-to-date Oil and Gas information, you can download the Whelby mobile app to get the latest new well licenses/permits across north America, as well as new spuds in Canada. Whelby is available on both iOS and Android and the Android version now allows you to sign up online through the app.  Contact whelby@micotan.com if you want to get a login for the iOS app.

Security is Top Priority:

It used to be we only had to ensure that our computers and network were protected. Now, with mobile/cloud document storage being accessible from our phones, the risk increases.

Mobile device management (MDM) software is a must have for any company that mass deploys phones or tablets. Even if you only have as few as 10 devices, it can alleviate mobile madness.

Using something like Cisco Meraki’s MDM or Apple MDM can relieve a lot of headaches as well as help prevent those few employees playing angry birds in their downtime.

With an MDM solution, you can manage individual app permissions (depending on your software) to ensure that no apps are performing unapproved actions. You can even remotely wipe sensitive information if a device is lost or stolen.

Most importantly, MDM allows you to mass deploy new apps – like Whelby or Generwell – to your company’s devices to ensure all employees can complete their jobs successfully.

Get the Most Out of Your Phone

We have all experienced the fear of not having our phone when we leave the house.  We’ve become accustomed to having infinite information at our fingertips. With the right apps, we can make better decisions using better information.

So, take advantage of the digital age and use your phone to the best of its abilities!