Oil and Gas Compliance: Dealing with New Rules


Oil and Gas Compliance: Dealing with New Rules

In April 2017, a home in Firestone was set ablaze from an explosion. The cause was determined to be from a well that was unsafely decommissioned.

This has caused a cascade effect of new regulations and demands from the state of Colorado upon the oil and gas industry. Although this sector closely monitors operations and highlights the importance of safety, any industry can experience unfortunate incidents caused by various means.

Learning New Regulations

The first step is education. There are several sources you can visit to ensure your team is following the latest rules. This helps cover you in case of audit and more importantly, ensures the safety of your employees and the public.

Government websites are key as you are getting the information “straight for the horse’s mouth” so to speak. The EPA website is a good place to start in the United States.

The Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (under the Department of Natural Resources)is a helpful resource for any Colorado based Oil and Gas business to understand new rules and regulations.

Most States and Provinces have individual websites to cover all the needed information for running an Oil and Gas business.

When possible ensure to cross-check the information, and verify that the websites you are using are in fact government owned/operated.

Following New Regulations

It’s one thing to be aware of new regulations but another entirely to follow them.

The best course of action is to re-evaluate your current quality assurance/control processes. This becomes useless however, without proper training of your employees.

Oil and gas compliance is not about one big thing. It’s the 1,001 little things that can save you hundreds of hours, millions of dollars and the inconvenience of an audit.

As covered in the Oil and Gas Compliance blog, regulations and compliance are two separate issues in the eyes of the government. If you tackle these two topics separately, you can develop processes that are easily edited to allow updated regulations to be considered.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

There are several tools that can help you deal with new regulations. Keeping track of important stage gates, completed tasks, and all processes should not be simply done in spreadsheets.

Whether you choose Micotan’s Generwell or another risk management tool, make sure you document every step appropriately.