Operations Scheduling

Operations Scheduling

Scheduling deals with both time and resource allocation for production and maintains proper workflow. It ensures that your business has a continuous job schedule, removes bottlenecks and avoids delays.  It also turns operations scheduling from a painful manual task into a strategic advantage. Surprisingly, a lot of companies are still using whiteboards to plan jobs. This is difficult to maintain and can often mean opportunities are missed or mistakes are made.

Micotan’s Generwell software provides a Job Scheduler module that allows companies to schedule external resources (e.g. Drilling Rigs, Completion Rigs, Frac Crews, etc.)  The Job Scheduler can manage both individual schedules as well as Integrated Operations Schedules, making your job easier to manage.

Integrated Operations Schedules are schedules that combine the activities of different groups including Surface Construction, Road and Lease Work, Facility Construction, Installation, and Well Development (Drilling, Completions, Tie-In).  Integrated Operations Schedules are important so that the different groups are well-aligned in their work.  It doesn’t do your company any good if the well is ready to produce, but there is no infrastructure (e.g. pipeline) ready to move the production from the well to a processing facility.

Operation Scheduling provides the ability to balance resource efficiency (e.g. a rig scheduler can enable full-time drilling) against the overall project efficiency, ensuring that when the well is completed, there is both a pipeline and facility available and properly sized to process the production.

The Operations Scheduling module within Generwell has had a great impact on our current customers, taking the scheduling of jobs and rigs out of isolation and into your organization’s processes.

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