Relieving the IT bottleneck

Relieving the IT bottleneck

Despite the increasing pressure on IT departments, they typically remain lean and understaffed throughout North America. According to a recent study, the Bureau of Labour Statistics reported companies having an average of 4.2 individuals in every IT department. In larger companies, there is on average 11.9 IT staff supporting more than 500 employees.

We recognize that IT departments are suffering, which is why we have created software that can alleviate the IT bottleneck in your company. A bottleneck occurs when one process in a chain cannot perform its duties to their full potential. This can then create a delay in the production line which damages other processes. When implementing new software, it is crucial that the team implementing it can adequately manage the workload and staff queries that come with it.

At Micotan, we have created our Generwell software to be user-friendly in the sense that the “business users” can complete most of the configuration, instead of the IT Administrators having to do it. These changes include changing items in drop-down lists, modifying reports, creating new reports and adding or removing data fieldsThis allows your company to dedicate the software implementation to one person or small team who can assist other employees when changes need to be made, instead of placing mounting pressure on your IT department.

We have noticed that so many companies face the challenge of an IT bottleneck, as their technical IT staff have their hands full with everything from infrastructure, network, security management and general daily IT duties. That’s why Generwell administrators are usually Business Analysts, rather than IT Administrators. Business Analysts can configure Generwell without requiring system administrator programming knowledge, making it easy for them to jump into the system and make changes.

Generwell has three primary roles: End Users, Power Users, and Administrators.  End Users make up the majority of people who access the system and then view and update information, receive and complete tasks, and run reports.  Power Users do the same thing, but also have the ability to modify drop-down lists.  Administrators have the full administrative abilities to configure anything in Generwell.

By providing your company with the tools to configure and evolve Generwell, it allows you to make the software work exactly how you want it to and quickly incorporate best practices to manage the information you want, rather than having to wait for months until an IT person has the time to look at your request.

Generwell is a completely configurable well life cycle software designed to suit your company needs and can be implemented easily into your office. With the correct training, Generwell can help your team focus and reach objectives quickly and effectively, without creating a bottleneck in your company.