Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry

Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry

How do you see your data? Is it displayed in an easy to read way that can be organized quickly and efficiently? Reporting is crucial in the oil and gas industry and can make or break a company, yet many companies in the oil and gas industry are still using old-school methods for their day-to-day production reporting.

No longer will a shared spreadsheet benefit a large oil and gas business when it comes to reporting, with many companies experiencing the expensive and painful loss of critical information as a result of using shared spreadsheets. A good software application allows for any data to be stored, managed and reported when set up correctly.

The idea behind systemized reporting is the accurate logging of activity. Failure to record this activity means that key data may be missed or lost. Systemized reporting also comes in handy when you need a report…fast! There is nothing worse than needing a report quickly and then wasting precious time trying to find the information you’re looking for, only to then discover that you have the wrong or outdated version.

Having a central data source for all your data and reports means that there is only ever one version of a report. All changes are managed and tracked so that your entire team is on the same page and has the same, correct information.

The flexibility of Generwell allows for any data to be stored, managed and reported from our specific well data module. This key functionality delivers transparency and accessibility of information and documentation to your entire organization (as set by your own security priorities) so that they can plan, execute and stay on top of any reporting activity.

Generwell’s custom reporting can be fully customized by the user. Its unique architecture and built-in toolkit allows you to extend your data model to include new fields of data.  The built-in report generator gives you the ability to expand your list of corporate reports without the need to involve Micotan in the process.

Generwell’s flexibility continues with custom reports, including Columnar reports, Form reports and Gantt Charts. Columnar reports can include any number of columns, filtered, sorted and formatted as required. Form reports allow custom page layouts for internal reporting purposes or to manage external, government or regulatory reporting requirements. Gantt charts provide a visual representation of custom designed milestones. Other form reports such as those required by regulatory bodies may be embedded into Generwell.

These reports are then generated at the click of a button and any of the above reports can be created and changed. Notifications can be set up to allow people to be automatically notified if report data changes.

Adequate and effective reporting provides oil and gas operators and their teams with a better, more efficient way to view, collate and distribute reports that can be incredibly beneficial in any organization.

For more information on how Generwell can assist with your day to day reporting, click here.