The Importance of Rig Scheduling

The Importance of Rig Scheduling

Rig scheduling is important when you’re planning and developing a project within the oil and gas industry. There will likely be a constraint on the number of rigs that are available for any given project and rigs that have special features need to be prioritized for specific projects.

Rigs are expensive resources that should be carefully allocated in any oil and gas operation. It is the task of the operations team to determine the overall plan for these rigs in order to put a schedule in place. In the past, rig scheduling has typically been done by spreadsheets, but rig scheduling software is now available and has proven to be beneficial in oil and gas companies for effective rig scheduling and to lower the risk of error.

Software programs that have a rig scheduling ability have vastly improved the gathering, sharing, and scheduling of information. This type of software also improves the ability to easily remove scheduling conflicts and eliminate double bookings of resources or rigs. These ever-changing software programs also save your employees time as they will no longer have to manually cross-check their information. With just a few clicks, you can check, schedule and resolve rig conflicts!

How can a rig scheduling software help your company

Improved visibility – A good oil and gas software application will greatly increase the visibility of rig scheduling across the organization. Everyone is aware of where to find the information and can easily print reports at the click of a button.

User-friendly – Unlike Excel spreadsheets, it’s hard to make a mistake with a software program, and even if you do, it is monitored so that it can be undone if need be. Spreadsheets can be hard to navigate if you weren’t the person who set it up. A good oil and gas software program is user-friendly and allows anyone to find the information they need, fast.

Less risk – Similar to the above, when you schedule your rigs with a spreadsheet, it leaves room for error, whether it’s just a numerical error or an error in the formula. When you schedule rigs with a software program, you can be sure that the risk of error is significantly reduced.

Notifications – When you use a software program to schedule your rigs, you can also schedule tasks and alerts associated with that rig. Things like permit expirations and approvals are good to have as alerts to ensure that everything is in order.

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