What is the Digital Oilfield and how can it improve Oil & Gas operations

What is the Digital Oilfield and how can it improve Oil & Gas operations

The “digital oilfield” is a phrase that sums up a new approach to Exploration and Production in Oil and Gas. It encompasses automating a huge range of tasks across many aspects of the Exploration and Production well life cycle. The Digital Oil Field software applications imitate the behavior of an oil or gas field, online, using workflows for automation.

Not only does this “digital oil field” path the way for companies to be able to move forward with their competitors, but it also assists in minimizing environmental risks and ensuring the safety of people operating machinery and on the ground. Companies such as BP, Shell & Chevron have been using the digital oilfield for a few years now and have seen an increase in both safety and productivity, by adopting a more technological driven approach.

A lot of people think of the digital oilfield concept as just a fancy technological term that’s hard to understand, and even harder to implement, but it is better described as a concept; it encompasses not just data but the processing, integration, and analysis of that data. It also revolves around automation, which is a vital part of the process. By removing human error, productivity is increased, and employees can spend their valuable time using their skills and knowledge on more analytical work, rather than on mundane tasks.

An important feature of the digital oilfield is the ability to collaborate across a wide range of tasks and expertise. This ensures that decisions are only made when all individuals have had a say and used their knowledge to contribute to the end decision.

How Generwell fits into a digital oilfield approach

Generwell is a top oil management software solution providing digital oilfield software across North America. Generwell’s world-class asset lifecycle software directly reduces your cycle time from idea to abandonment and reclamation.

We all know that timely information leads to better decision making and an increase in productivity, while an increase in the number of remotely operated fields decreases the risk of accidents by reducing the number of employees required to travel to, and work in potentially dangerous environments. This is just one of the reasons why digital oilfield solutions are the way of the future. The cost savings are also hard to ignore, with higher production rates and lower operational costs.

So, why isn’t everyone as excited as we are about the digital oilfield of the future?

Well, according to a survey carried out by BP, they found that 60% of oil executives asked believed that resistance to change was the biggest obstacle to exploring and realizing the full potential and benefits that the digital oilfield can bring.

The oil and gas industry is quite traditional and a dramatic change in thinking needs to occur to start implementing a digital oilfield. Digital oilfield solutions make for a safer, more efficient operation and despite the initial investment in time to set up this kind of software and be trained in it, you won’t be disappointed by the results.

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